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Elon Musk, the self proclaimed meme lord and doge father, has landed on Ukraine to have fun the retreat of Russian troops from the now legendary metropolis of Kyiv.

The shock go to was preceded by a brilliant secret mission to get the richest man on earth, and one of the vital influential of this technology, right into a conflict zone.

We managed to get an image of Musk, and what appears like a doge, in what seems to be an area costume although it may be simply security gear, making their method to the jap borders of Europe.

A lot love, such Ukraine

He landed in a single day to a heat welcome in entrance of a choose group in an space that appears to be the background of possibly a rocket touchdown?

We’re not conscious of any such website in Ukraine, so this may be the Starlink HQ as an alternative the place they coordinate house communication expertise in Ukraine.

Ukrainians then awoke this morning to an enormous statue of Musk driving a doge whereas holding a victory cup.

Curious bystanders had been noticed questioning what NFE may imply. We predict it stands for Not in Fucking Europe.

Musk Riding Doge
Musk Using Doge

That was an indication that as we speak can be extraordinary, this time in a great way, as Kyiv’s metropolis heart was remodeled right into a present zone.

Musk appeared together with his doge, as proven within the featured picture. He enthusiastically greeted the viewers, and even allowed a few of them to pet the very blissful dogy who was getting a lot of the consideration.

The 2 then took to the stage and gave a most spectacular present that entertained the gang for a complete hour.

Musk and doge dancing in Kyiv, April 1st 2022
Musk and doge dancing in Kyiv, April 1st 2022

Slava Ukraini, Slava Ukraini, Musk and doge shouted within the pictured second above whereas dancing to beats by Benny Benasi.

The group joined with large cheers, some crying tears of pleasure, whereas younger women and men jumped to the beat in an unforgettable second.

As soon as the live performance was over, Musk took half in a ceremony of kinds at Kyiv’s central cathedral, the long-lasting dome that we’ve all now come to know.

Musk ceremony, April 2022
Musk ceremony, April 2022

In a speech to these attending, he stated he had gathered the defenders of Europe, throughout all of the seven seas, to uphold the need of liberty underneath the sacrosanct flag of liberalism in our occasions.

A lot has gone proper, he stated, in our heroic protection of Kyiv. An excessive amount of in actual fact to suppose it simply of males. God is with us, he shouted. Oree Oree, answered the gang.

Putin can declare he’s some third Rome, Musk stated. However we now have clearly seen, by the carnage the Russian troops have skilled, by the devastation of their highest ranks, that god is just not with Putin.

The place is Putin’s god? Not on this earth, and never in heaven, Musk claimed. So we should no longer solely defend, however we should advance, to make it identified endlessly extra that Europe stands free and Europe shall all the time stand underneath liberty.

From the Japanese islands to Georgia, the oppressed Caucus and our Crimea, might the rule of man underneath the rightful god prevail over the fantasies of fallen angels, Musk stated.

For god has proven himself within the theatre of the previous 35 days right here in Ukraine, and god is just not with Putin, Musk stated. God is with us!!

So let your spirits rise to the mights of heaven, a spirit of man that also stays very a lot a thriller, and should it proceed to indicate its extraordinary nature, much more now that Kyiv is liberated and all of Ukraine stands on the verge of being free.

To liberty, to European democracy, Glory to Ukraine and Glory to the Heroes, Musk ended.

He then disguised himself as some road rabble, and inside hours someway he discovered himself in his high-tech HQ in america.

Musk getting out of Ukraine in disguise
Musk getting out of Ukraine in disguise
Musk's team gave Trustnodes this picture to confirm he safely landed in USA
Musk’s group gave Trustnodes this image to verify he safely landed in USA

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